Playboy Offers Student Writers Final Four Fantasy

Guys like sports. And guys like Playboy. Now Hef’s mainstream mammary mag is offering one aspiring sportswriter the best of both worlds - a trip to cover the Final Four, financed by Hugh himself.

Playboy Playmate Playoff

(First stop, NC-Double-A - Next stop, NC-Double-D’s!)

USA TODAY’S GAME ON alerts us to a great opportunity to join the ranks of such sports figures as Amanda Beard, Ashley Harkleroad & Lisa Guerrero by strutting your stuff for the Bunny. It’s a good way for budding sports reporters to build resume material, but best of all, you & your friends can now honestly claim to buy Playboy for the articles.

Details after the jump.

Playboy begins its pitch by referencing one of the greatest literary minds of the 21st century:

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Rick Reilly? Are you ready for one of the biggest writing assignments of your college career? Playboy is looking for the best student sportswriter in the country to cover next year’s Final Four. If you write about sports for your college paper and think you have what it takes, submit examples of your best work to If we select you as the best student sportswriter in the country, you’ll get a plum assignment: a trip to the Final Four in Detroit and the opportunity to cover the weekend tournament for Playboy U. It’s one writing assignment you won’t get from your college professor.

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy cover

(In this month’s issue - YOU!)

I once got a writing assignment to cover a local city zoning commission meeting. They were discussing whether or not to allow a strip club to be built. So it was kind of the same thing.

Anyway, here’s the particulars: You must be 18 as of November 10, 2008. You must send in three samples of work published in your college newspaper. And you need to send in a copy of your college ID (airbrushed, of course). Hurry, you only have until New Year’s Day to enter!

And who knows - this could lead to bigger & better assignments, such as blogging for a metropolitan newspaper, like previous pin-up Ms. Guerrero has done. Or even more impressive, follow the bouncing boobs as play-by-player for the Playboy Games, just like that man of men, Chuck Woolery:

However, there are certain sad realities to this contest. You’ll be writing for the Playboy U website, not the actual published perverted periodical - so it’s likely no one will read it. And worst of all, you’ll have to spend four whole days in Detroit.

But maybe you can make the most of it by hanging out with the ladies of this local radio station. Bring a camera & tell them you’re working for Playboy, and you’re guaranteed to get even more of an eyeful.