Blogs: Erin Andrews Playboy’s Sexiest Finalist

• If you ever wanted to see Erin Andrews in PLAYBOY, MUTLICHANNEL NEWS offers the closest opportunity, as votes are being cast for the mag’s sexiest sportscaster:

Erin Andrews

• MMA HAVEN drives up with news that Randy Couture is selling his limited-edition UFC Hummer.

• SPECK’S SPORTS BLOG croons about Croom, as Mississippi State bulldogs its way back to respectability in the SEC.

• The ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL has the coverage on Lehigh vs. Lafayette, the longest-running rivalry in college football:

Lehigh Lafayette

Does this mean the College GameDay crew will be coming to Bethlehem, PA?

• DOG READER passes us video of Steve Nash showing off his sweet soccer skills.

• MAVS COURTSIDE VIEW has Dallas coach Avery Johnson weighing in on the situation of his hometown, New Orleans.

• YANKEES REPUBLIC wonders if the pinstripe purveyors actually left A-rod out to dry.

A-Rod Slapping Balls Purse

• THE STARTING FIVE examines the work and efforts of black athlete activist Dr. Harry Edwards.

• PART MULE bounces news that Dennis Rodman would like to coach the new Atlanta WNBA team, but the club doesn’t really want him.

• The HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS notes that it ruffles Joe Paterno’s feathers bringing up retirement:

Joe Paterno

• THE VOLOKH CONSPIRACY finds fault with ESPN’s assumption that Pedro Martinez is not black.

• THE BIG LEAD won’t touch that dial, as NBA ratings are just fine.