Playboy Golf Outing Means Free Tasers for NFLers

• What’s a little Playboy Golf without some free Tasers for the NFL guests?

Playboy golf taster

• The Chicago Cubs get a little Captain in them with the opening of a new rum-fueled Wrigley Field eatery.

• Yankees say they have no seats left under $375 - but they’re lying!

• Are you an NFL team that wants to know more about the personal lives of potential draft picks? Why not create some fake Facebook accounts?

• Because of the ongoing U.S.-Iran trade embargo, Hamed Haddadi of the Memphis Grizzlies is short-changed from getting any endorsement deals.

• You wore white for today’s game? I wore white for today’s game!

• If you’re a high school football star who gets involved in a food court food fight, don’t threaten a security guard with a knife.

• 50-year-old SoCal sports anchor Bill Macdonald caught sharing a smooch with a 20-year-old Angels fan. E-I-E-I-WHOA!

• On a sadder note, another Angels fan dies after being sucher-punched during a stadium stairwell fight.

Lane Kiffin cuts a Tennessee senior safety after the player skips practice to witness the birth of his child?  What a jerk - or maybe not.