NFLers Party: Bunnies, Booze And Free Tasers!

When pro athletes & other celebrities are invited to attend special events like award shows or golf tournaments, they’re usually given a goodie bag full of … um, goodies, like iPods or DVDs or scented oils and such.

Playboy golf taser

But when some NFL players showed up for a recent Playboy Golf outing, the nudie mag had a little request for the gridiron guys - DO Tase Me, Bro!

That’s right - the NFLers were given Tasers.

YARDBARKER’s Alana G was at the tourney, and got the lowdown on the not-as-lethal weapons:

Former Giants & Texans cornerback Jason Bell seemed very happy to receive such a “shocking” gift, saying “It’s gonna stay in my car,” while ex-Bucs offensive lineman Kenyatta Walker glowed about what a great day it was to golf: “There’s free alcohol, Playboy Bunnies, and Tasers!“(Did anybody think to give the Bunnies some Tasers, too? Might be useful with all those drunk 300-lb football players staggering around the course.)

Current Bucs defensive lineman Ryan Sims can see why Tasers would be a good gift choice: “They don’t want any more Plaxico Burresses. Won’t be anymore shooting.”


Want a Taser of your own, but aren’t a pro athlete or celebrity who’ll be invited to any Playboy Golf outings anytime soon? No problem - just cough up $350 after going through a background check, and make sure you’re a resident of one of the 43 states where the weapon is legal. It’s that simple!