Plaxico’s Home Life Hasn’t Been All That Great

Yesterday the news broke that the New York Giants had suspended their star receiver Plaxico Burress for two weeks (one game) after he didn’t show up for practice on Monday, and didn’t respond to the team’s phone calls.  Well, while the Giants won’t say exactly what Plaxico has told them in regards to his absence, it probably has something to do with his home life.

Over the last few months there have been a couple of domestic disturbance calls into local police at the Burress household.   Apparently he and the wife have had a couple of arguments.


Records show Tiffany Burress called police on June 2 following what she said was an argument with her husband. When officers arrived, she claimed he had grabbed her. He, in turn, said his wife slapped him in the face.

No charges were filed, but Municipal Judge Terence P. Concoran granted Tiffany Burress a temporary restraining against her husband.

The order was later dismissed by a state Family Court judge in Paterson, police said.

Police were called again on Aug. 19. According to a report of the incident, Tiffany Burress left her husband at a New York nightclub after the two got into an argument there. Plaxico Burress arrived home later and began playing loud music, it says.

Much like the first instance, the second one was also dismissed once it reached a state level.

The Giants won’t comment on a player’s personal life, but although there’s no way to know for sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if his absence on Monday had something to do with his marriage.   Though you would think that both he and his wife would be a lot happier these days after Plaxico signed that $35 million contract extension.   Maybe they were arguing over what to spend it on.