Injury Report: Black Knight Listed As Day-To-Day

The legend of oft-injured Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress will certainly grow through the years, and the New York media is bound and determined to initiate the outbreak.

Plaxico Burress Super Bowl catch

NEWSDAY has today’s “it’s a miracle he played!” story, reporting that during Super Bowl week, Burress “injured his left knee when he fell in a hotel shower Jan. 28.

Burress reportedly suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament. That injury, combined with his chronic right ankle injury, put his status for the Super Bowl in jeopardy last week.”

Giants receivers coach Mike Sullivan said, “If anyone could ever know. how close he came to not playing. He shouldn’t have been out there.

We’re not saying tales of Tom Brady’s ankle and Burress’ assortment of maladies are exaggerations, but the increasing number of varying reports on the severity of their injuries has us thinking more Monty Python’s holy Grail than gridiron gallantry.

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