Plaxico Given Rude Reception In 1st Night In Jail

Plaxico Burress began his two-year stint as a special guest of the New York state correctional facility system on Tuesday night, and the reception the ex-Giants receiver received couldn’t have been warmer. In fact, it was downright heated.

Plaxico Burress upside down

Plaxico’s first stop was an evening at Rikers Island, where the jailbirds were crowing at him at every opportunity.


Plaxico Burress got a zero’s welcome behind bars at Rikers Island, including taunts of “a**hole!” and “The Giants suck!” according to jail guards.

“He was depressed,” said one guard from Rikers, where the former Giants superstar spent his first-ever night behind bars. “He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him.”

“These people got nothing,” a second guard explained of the taunts. “What else are they gonna do?”

Pretty rough start for Plaxico. But fortunately, the Rikers Island sleepover was only for one night’s stay. Burress was sent yesterday to the Ulster Correctional Facility, where he’ll be evaluated and assigned more permanent residence in one of New York’s many state prisons.

At Ulster, he did receive some welcoming gifts - an ID card, new hunter green prison wardrobe, work boots, sneakers, a shower, an orientation meeting, the shaving of his goatee, and a strip search. Most important of all, Plaxico received his new inmate number: 09-R-3260.

So, how soon until we start seeing Cowboys, Eagles & Redskins fans wearing Giants jerseys with “09-R-3260″ on the back? NFL Shop better prepare for an influx of orders.

Anyway, Corrections Department spokesperson Linda Foglia describes how a typical day will be for Plaxico in prison:

“He will be separated from the inmate population at all times and confined to a single cell,” Foglia said. He’ll only get out for three hours of recreation per day, plus his required meetings with counselors and medical and mental health staffers. He’s allowed three showers a week and one visit per weekend, Foglia said. At 11 p.m., it’s lights out.

Sounds strict? Eh, it’s no worse than playing under Tom Coughlin.