Plaxico, Bronx Tale Star Hit The State Prison VIP

The NEW YORK POST reports today that the protective custody unit at the Oneida Correctional Facility in Rome, N.Y., has facilitated a friendship between Plaxico Burress and Lillo Brancato, Robert De Niro’s co-star in the 1993 feature film, “A Bronx Tale.”

Lillo Brancato and Plaxico Burress

New York City nightclub promoter and Brancato friend Noel Ashman told the Post, “They are buds. They work out together.”

Who knew celebs hung out in the VIP in state prison?

While Burress, who is serving two years for gun possession, is scheduled for release in early 2011, Brancato isn’t nearly so fortunate.

The Post reports Brancato, “is doing 10 years for a 2005 burglary in which an off-duty cop was killed.


Brancato, who was able to kick his drug habit behind bars, has gotten a lot stronger and healthier. “He earned his GED [high school diploma], and now he’s taking college courses,” Ashman said. “He’s clean. He sounds great. He’s excited. In a horrible way, he’s almost grateful.”

Not sure why Ashman would look at Brancato’s rehabilitation as “horrible” considering the actor’s drug and crime past and most importantly, the cop that was killed during the Brancato-staged robbery.

If anything, incarceration for Brancato, who is up for parole in 2014, might’ve saved his life.

And unlike Burress, Brancato will likely have prime years of his career left when he’s finally outside.

Celebrity justice lives on.