Pierce Fakes Injury; LAT’s Plaschke Fakes Column

Bill Plaschke is not as lame as you think he is.

He started out his LA TIMES column upon Paul Pierce’s return late in the third quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals from a knee injury that shocked Pierce briefly and required he get wheeled off the court.

(Like LA isn’t all about valet service already.)

Pierce returned a few minutes later to help carry his team to a 98-88 victory in Los Angeles with 22 points.

Not Bill Plaschke mailing it in.  Not at all.

Plaschke gleefully stabbed Pierce in the back repeatedly with his Dell Latitude. (It’s Plaschke’s go-to move.)




Plaschke rubbed his hands together and cackled loudly. Add a bit about the Lakers’ offense being injured. God, that’s great writing. Tied it all together. That’s how a real writer does it.

Now he could make that late reservation at Pacific Dining Car. Stick around long enough to dump a couple quotes from Pierce in the piece (and get his voice on ESPN) and then he’s free. Maybe take a crap on DePodesta’s lawn on the way over there.

Ooh. Phil called Pierce a faker, too. Vindication!


(Hope Tommy Lasorda picked up a couple honeys on the way.)