Surprise! Plane Towing Tiger Banners Grounded

The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that the airplane that towed three banners over Augusta National Golf Club mocking Tiger Woods during The Masters Thursday has been grounded from similar use today.

Photo: Tiger Did You Mean Bootyism?

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said in a statement that the plane was found to have minor mechanical issues and that the aircraft was being returned to Ohio for repairs.

So what was the problem?

Bergen said the “banner tower” attached to the plane did not meet the FAA’s flight standards.

Of course, many will assume that officials from Augusta National Golf Club or Tiger Woods camp helped to initiate the investigation of the aircraft, a charge that Bergen denied to the AUGUSTA CHRONICLE: “It was strickly internal.

Bergen also gave no indication that the plane would be not allowed to fly more banners over Augusta National during the tournament in the future.

Is it unreasonable to think that if the content of the banners was unrelated to Tiger’s extramarital affairs, an unscheduled inspection wouldn’t have happened?

UPDATE: The actual pilot of the plane, who would only speak on the condition of remaining anonymous, tells SbB today that the reason for the plane being grounded was a, “worn out tag on one of the plane’s seat belts.”

Thank goodness the FAA is busy keeping the patrons safe out there!