Pizza Lovers Around the World Rooting For Rays

John Keiley, owner of Johnny’s New York Pizza & Pasta located in Denver, is offering free pizza to the entire world if the Tampa Bay Rays win the World Series.

Tampa Bay Rays

Unlike Dick Vitale, Keiley doesn’t even like the Rays, and he has hair. However, just like Dickie V, the man who owns a New York-style pizza shop in Denver likes a little publicity, baby!

Should the Rays’ surprise season end with a World Series trophy, it would not only fill the empty stomachs of children in third world countries with cheese & pepperoni, but it would also be the third time that Keiley had to make good on such an offer.


“He made his first such deal in June 2007, offering free pizza in the unlikely event his hometown Rockies swept the Yankees.

They did, and Keiley gave away 2,500 pizzas — at a cost of about $12,000.

As football season kicked off, he figured he would do it again: Free pizza if any NFL team went 16-0. The New England Patriots did. So on a Sunday in January, Keiley gave away about 1,500 pizzas.”

Mercury Morris thinks those pizzas should be returned.

After going two-for-two, it’s clear that the fate of the Rays was sealed the day the magical future-telling pizza man decided to put the sign that reads “Free pizza for the world if the Rays win the World Series” in his window.

No need to watch another baseball game this season, the outcomes don’t really matter. We all know that when it’s all said and done, the Tampa Bay Rays will be your 2008 World Series champs.