Pitt. Market To Detroit Fans: No Octopus For You!

Detroit Red Wings fans have a long-standing playoff tradition of throwing an octopus out on the ice for good luck. But if a Pittsburgh seafood market has its say, that won’t be happening in their town.

Red Wings Octopus Seinfeld Soup Nazi

The DETROIT FREE PRESS reports that Wholey’s Fish Market - probably the only place in western Pennsylvania that you can scrounge up some squid - will not be selling octopi to any Red Wings fans during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Owner Dan Wholey says it’s nothing personal, but he would rather give up a sale than betray his hometown hockey squad:

“I have the utmost respect for all the people of Detroit,” Wholey said today. “They are great citizens and great hockey fans, just like I am. But I’m a Penguins fan first and foremost and I want to see the Penguins win, period.”

Dan’s day of reckoning will come next Wednesday, when the Red Wings come to Pittsburgh for Game 3. Wholey adds that he’s willing to go as far as check customers’ ID and listen closely for Midwestern accents in order to keep the sea creatures in his store and off the Mellon Arena ice.

And Wholey’s employee Mike Hartman suggests to KDKA-TV that the Pens come up with their own animal act in hopes of deterring Detroit:

“We should have a Penguin run across the ice chasing an octopus on a string.”

Better yet, why not bring in some flying penguins to bombard Mike Babcock & the boys on the Red Wings bench?