Pitt Arenas “Round Up”, Increasing Cost Of Beer

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports on the effect a handy, new 10 percent tax on alcohol will have on local sports fans.

Steelers Beer Can

A 12-ounce beer at a Pens game was $5.25, but since the new county-wide tax kicked in, that beer is now $6.

But wait, that isn’t a 10 percent increase, it’s actually 14%.

The reason for the tack-on, jack-around: “Aramark, which handles concessions and other services, calculated the new prices by tacking on 10 percent of the original price and then rounding up to the nearest quarter.

The same screw job will also happen at Heinz Field and PNC Park, “the two other venues in the county for which Aramark provides concessions.

Designated dumbass James Carter, who is general manager for Aramark at the hockey arena, has the real reason for the round-up, “We round up here at the arenas and stadiums. We don’t deal with pennies. We go in quarter increments.

So Pittsburghers get soaked because peanut-n-beer jockeys at PNC can’t count? Yeah, we’re sure that’s it. It has nothing to do with Aramark seeing an opportunity to steal money, and get away with it.