Pitino Trial Sketch: Money, Power, Sex, Bad Art

You don’t need me to tell you how wonderfully entertaining the Rick Pitino extortion trial is. Don’t let anyone screw that up for you.

Karen Sypher Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

(I like to call this one “The Scream”)

Forgive me though as I request your momentary indulgence by humbly submitting these delightful courtroom sketches of the trial by a local artist for Louisville’s WLKY-TV.

Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

What could possibly top those sketches? Why, an interview with the artist himself, of course!

Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

WLKY Reporter: How do you (Matt Anthony) do this, how do you put together these photographs so quickly?

Anthony: It’s really about taking snapshots in my mind. I think of a picture I want and then wait for them to strike the pose. Think about it and get it in my head, sketch it. Wait for them to hit the post again … get it in my head again, sketch it and just go fast.

Matt Anthony Rick Pitino Trial Courtroom Sketch Artist

WLKY Reporter: How long have you been doing that (courtroom sketches)?

Anthony: I’ve been drawing since (I was) a kid. Drawing people. I love people. So I’ve been drawing people. People don’t usually stand still for you so ahh … you gotta get them while they move.

My highlight of the interview was when Anthony was asked how long he’d be doing courtroom sketches. Recap: “How long have you been doing that (courtroom sketches)?”

Anthony’s answer: “I’ve been drawing since (I was) a kid.”

I’m sure he just misunderstood the question.

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