Pitcher Has Nastiest Splitter In History Of Baseball

Freshman Vanderbilt pitcher Corey Williams suffered a positively awful injury last weekend during a college baseball game between the Commodores and the University of Florida.

Video Vanderbilt Pitcher Corey Williams Has Kneecap Split

In the seventh inning of the Saturday game, Gators third baseman Austin Maddox rocketed a line drive back at Corey, who had come into the game as a relief pitcher.  The hurler was struck by the baseball flush on the right kneecap.

Vanderbilt Pitcher Corey Williams Kneecap Xray

(Williams knee X-ray from Vanderbilt University Athletic Dept.)

From this X-ray of Corey’s knee after the game, provided to SbB by the Vanderbilt Athletic Dept., you can see that the force of ball off the metal bat cleanly split his kneecap in two.

After he was struck on the knee, Corey fell to the ground onto his stomach in excruciating pain but still had the presence of mind to roll the ball along the ground to Vandy first baseman Aaron Westlake for the out.

Vanderbilt Pitcher Corey Williams Has Kneecap Split In Two

I’ll never think of the word “groundout” the same way again.

Vanderbilt’s sports information department provided an update on Corey’s condition to SbB on late Sunday:

His kneecap is broken. He will have surgery back at Vanderbilt early this week and is out for the year.

Damn shame. Hate to see a young man with that kind of heart have that happen.

Was this just another example of why college baseball should ban metal bats? I suppose that could’ve happened with wood, but when you consider that Corey, as a left-handed pitcher, already had his glove close to his right kneecap after he completed his throwing motion, another microsecond to react might’ve prevented the injury.