Pinheads Strike Alley, Steal 150 Bowling Balls

After some thieves split with 150 bowling balls, an alley in upstate New York doesn’t have any balls to spare. Do you like all these bowling puns? No? Too bad, there’s more.

Big Lebowski

The thieves chose Saturday night to strike, and somehow managed to get away with nearly a ton of bowling balls without setting off any alarms. It’s a daring swindle, but I suppose it beats life in the gutter.

I’m sorry, I’ll try to stop.

Alicia Gatto, owner of the restaurant at 147 S. Litchfield St., said the bowling alley was last used Saturday, Feb. 7.

When some men from the restaurant went into the bowling area Friday night, they discovered the balls were gone and told Gatto about it.

“I thought they were joking — totally thought they were joking,” she said. “It’s the case of the missing bowling balls.”

Authorities are currently questioning Sarah Blewden after witnesses reported her smuggling two bowling balls under her shirt.