Pimp My Ride: The Jeter New Jersey Chevy Edition

HOME RUN DERBY races up with some fun photos found of a Chevrolet in New Jersey decked out in full Derek Jeter regalia:


The pinstripes on the trunk, the baseball stitching all around the body, the Yankees logos on the door & by the gas tank, the number 2 - this is one vexing vehicle.

(More photos after the jump.)

And how do we know this car is officially sanctioned by Jeter & Major League Baseball? Well, there’s the MLB logos on either side of the license plate. And Derek’s autograph is everywhere on and in the auto:



What I’d like to see is the brave soul who owns this Jetermobile to drive it through the streets of Boston. See how many unsmashed windows & unbroken taillights he’d have left after a trip down Yawkey Way.

(The pics above were apparently taken by Flickr member NJ Baseball, who also has a cool collection of new photos in & around Citi Field.)