Pillow Fight League Visits New York City

Look out, Brooklyn. The roughest, toughest women in North America are headed your way. And they’re packing a down-stuffed punch.

Yep, the Pillow Fight League is coming to New York City on Jan. 19. The event promises to be “the craziest, most insane live show the PFL has ever had.” I believe it, and I’ve never even seen one of these things.

It’s the Canadian-based league’s first event in the States, and the PFL promises that “all of your favorite fighters will be there.” (Not sure how a Brooklynite would have a favorite Canadian pillow-fighter, but whatever.)

The best part: PFL will be looking for eight NYC women to take part in an amateur competition, with the winner awarded a fight date in Ontario. Really, though, with all these chicks swinging pillows in fits of scantily clad rage, aren’t we all winners?