Photos Of Tiger Woods And Hooters Girls Surface

If you’ve ever been to Hooters, you’ve seen the crappy photos of celebrities surrounded by Hooters Girls occupying the walls of every restaurant. Up to this point I’ve been dismayed that no such photos of Tiger Woods and Hooters Girls have surfaced - until now.

Tiger Woods Photo With Hooters Girls

Aaron Hotfelder at snapped photos today of these delightful images posted on the walls of the Hooters in Aruba.

Tiger Woods Photo With Hooters Girls

Every Hooters has mostly the identical round of awkward, non-sequitur shots, with these pics appearing to be of Woods at the Palm Beach Hooters. (You can probably find them at your local Hooters.)

I suppose these photos are no coincidence considering the possible previous occupation of one of Woods’ alleged mistresses, Cori Rist:

Cori Rist Pics Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Hooters Girl

To think we never knew Daly had a wingman!