Pics: Randy Moss Bends Over Miss Kentucky USA has a couple recent randoms of Randy Moss bending over a hottie at the Kentucky Derby last weekend:

Randy Moss Alysha Noel Harris

The freakee in question is identified by TMZ as “Miss Kentucky USA”, but of course, the website doesn’t have the time or inclination to actually find out her name - or unearth any other photos.

So we have those for you, after the jump.

Her name is Alysha Noel Harris.

Alysha Noel Harris

For those of you keeping score, her two highlights in public life so far are:
1) Getting freaked by Randy Moss on TMZ.
2) Meeting Donald Trump as he looks over the fresh meat Miss USA contestants.

Donald Trump Alysha Noel Harris

Our guess for her next brush with greatness? Getting stalked by Pauly Shore.