Pics Of Steve Phillips And Brooke Hundley Surface

Well, that didn’t take long. Thanks to Internet and its magical powers, we’ve already got more pictures for today’s big story. According to THE BIG LEAD, two ESPN staffers are claiming that this is the infamous Brooke Hundley, a.k.a. the woman Steve Phillips gambled half his net worth on:

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips Pics
(They seem like a happy couple. This could still work.)

The pictures originally came from THE PRODUCERS BLOG, of WEEI in Boston. For that, Phillips has earned a divorce from his family and a week-long suspension from the WWL.

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Larger versions of the pictures - though, thankfully, not large enough to see Phillips’ penis birthmark - are after the break.

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips Together

Brooke Hundley Affair Navy Picture

Said YAHOO!’s Dan Wetzel: “Steve Phillips never was a very good judge of talent.” That ain’t nice, man. We would never crack jokes at her expense.

…okay, just one: this was a worse pickup than Kaz Matsui.