Photo: Actual Peephole Used To Film Erin Andrews

UPDATE (3:03pm PT): Michael Barrett pleased guilty today in L.A. to interstate stalking, he will be sentenced on Feb. 22. Federal prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 27 months per a plea agreement. Erin Andrews’ lawyer Marshall Grossman is expected to urge the judge to sentence Barrett to the maximium penalty of 60 months in Federal prison.

USA TODAY Travel writer Barbara De Lollis has what the outlet touts as an, “Exclusive photo of the modified peephole of Erin Andrews‘ room at the Marriott Nashville.

Modified Peephole That Was Used To Film Erin Andrews Nude

This is a never-before-published photograph of the peephole of Room 1051 at the Marriott Nashville at Vanderbilt University through which seven of the eight nude videos of Erin Andrews were shot, according to (Andrews attorney Marshall) Grossman, who provided Hotel Check-In with the photo.

De Lollis reports the peephole from the hallway side of the door can be popped off “in seconds” and fitted with devices for videotaping.

If you examine that particular photo above, you can see scrape marks around the peephole that indicate where Barrett altered it. (Arrows.)

The man who filmed Andrews illegally, Michael David Barrett, has pleaded guilty of interstate stalking and is in a Federal courtroom today for sentencing in the case. The max penalty he can receive is five years, prosecutors have asked the judge for only 27 months. Andrews’ attorney Grossman is expected to push for the maximum penalty of 60 months in Federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

Hope he’s successful.