Pic: Wound Suffered In Alleged Cromartie Assault

Here’s a photo TMZ claims is the head wound of the person who suffered the alleged bottle-throwing assault of San Diego Charger Antonio Cromartie:

Head Wound Victim In Alleged Bottle Throwing Assault By Antonio Cromartie

(Victim’s friends claims alleged attack came “out of the blue”. Really?)

The victim claims to TMZ he blacked out after his friends witnessed Cromartie “smash a bottle of Moet” into his head.

After the attack, the victim was taken to a local hospital, where he received three staples and underwent a CAT scan.

Meanwhile, Cromartie Tweeted about the incident today.

Antonio Cromarte CrimeTime31 Twitter Account

If the assault accusation is not true, why is he apologizing?

The friends of the victim claimed to TMZ today that Stephen Cooper and Shaun Phillips were present during the attack, which resulted after a large group of people began spraying champagne at the Pacific Beach bar.

Now for the part that’s hard to believe:

During the “celebration,” the friends claim Cromartie took things too far and “out of the blue” approached them and smashed the bottle into the back of the dude’s head.

Out of the blue? There’s got to be more to this story.