Pic: Barkley With Alleged Tiger Mistress Jungers

RadarOnline.com keeps us entertained this morning with this delightfully predictable photo of alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers and Charles Barkley:

Jamie Jungers Tiger Woods Mistress And Charles Barkley Photo

(What took so long?)

Jungers claims she hung out with Chuck and Woods in a private gambling room one night in Vegas at the MGM Grand.

“I gambled with him and Charles Barkley one night for hours. He played blackjack and I sat there with him [Tiger] while he played. He played $25,000 a hand or more and Charles played roulette behind us… he was playing several thousand himself.”

Barkley, a reported notorious gambler, apparently didn’t notice the serious flirtation happening between Woods and Jungers, who says Tiger managed to keep his attraction for her discreet in front of his celeb pals.

“He would occasionally put his hand on my leg but it was underneath the table. There was nobody around except the blackjack dealer, the roulette dealer and a cocktail waitress who would come in the room. There was nobody in that room except for myself, Tiger and Charles Barkley.”

That’s the same Barkley touting his valuable advice for the golfer on how to get his life together.

“When you have these ‘fires’ in your life, as I call them, you need to talk to somebody else famous who’s been through things in their lives. I don’t think you can talk about it to your family and friends. … They’re not famous.”

“I want you (Woods) to know I love you. … (And) you’re not alone. I’m not here to condone you or trash you. I’m not going to be one of those people who say, ‘You did something wrong, and you’re no good.’ “

Uh, might that be the problem, Chuck?

Can’t understand why Elin Woods changed his cell number and didn’t tell Barkley.