Photos: Vikings Punter Brands Field ‘Unplayable’

In a series of Tweets today, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe harshly criticized the field conditions at TCF Stadium in Minneapolis, which will host the Minnesota-Chicago NFL game Monday night.

“Serious time - All respect to the people that cleared the field and got it ready, you did an amazing job. That being said, it’s unplayable. The field is as hard as concrete an hour and a half after they took the tarp off, and anyone that hits their head is getting a concussion.

“I find it interesting that the NFL can claim an emphasis on player safety, and then tell us the field is fine. It’s beyond hypocritical. I can only hope, however unlikely, that no one gets catastrophically injured at the trainwreck that’s about to take place tomorrow night.”

Following those Tweets, Kluwe posted the following entry on Twitter:

I’ve been asked not to tweet anymore about the field so as not to distract teammates (who were there) and I will honor that. Time for WoW.

Visanthe Shiancoe

While Kluwe didn’t post any photos, his Minnesota teammate Visanthe Shiancoe did.

TCF Stadium Field Condition Photo

Using the words “catastrophic” and “trainwreck” while describing the field conditions might be a little over-the-top, especially coming from a punter, but that characterization will be taken a lot more seriously if we do have any injuries Monday that could be attributed to the field.

TCF Stadium Field Condition Photo

Especially considering the available options for the teams that would’ve provided vastly better field and weather conditions.

At the very least, Kluwe and Shiancoe seem to be documenting the conditions in case there are any unfortunate incidents that could involve possible legal claims against the league.