Photos: Victim Of Alleged Brutal Attack By Pitcher

Craig Malisow of the HOUSTON PRESS reports:

Lance Broadway alleged victim photos Ivan Pinney

(Alleged attacker Broadway (left) and McGuire have not been charged)

A former relief pitcher for the Chicago White Sox and New York Mets has been sued for allegedly assaulting a Woodlands man during a New Year’s Eve party in Dallas.

Randy Sorrels, attorney for 25-year-old Ivan Pinney, said his client’s left eye was severely damaged when he was punched and kicked by Lance Broadway, currently a minor-league pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and Cameron McGuire, who plays for United League Baseball’s Edinburg Roadrunners.

So why am I bringing up a garden variety alleged altercation between fringe pro ballplayers and a guy from Houston? Because the alleged damage Broadway and Armstrong did to the alleged victim is unbelievable.

KTRK-TV in Houston:

Pinney now has to undergo several surgeries to try to reconstruct his eye and his nasal passages, and he may never fully recover. Pinney cannot see from his left eye, has trouble smelling from damage to his nose, faces multiple surgeries and may lose his career as a petroleum engineer. He says the attack has certainly changed his life.

“It’s absolutely turned my life upside down. I’ve completely lost vision and my sense of smell,” Pinney told Eyewitness News. “I’m totally dependent on my parents to get me around.”

Uncensored photos of Pinney’s face are after the jump. They’re brutal, and you’ve been warned if you click through.

Lance Broadway alleged victim photos Ivan Pinney

The Dallas Police Dept. has opened an investigation against Broadway and McGuire for what’s been classified as an alleged “aggravated assault.” The players have not been charged yet nor do the Blue Jays have comment.

Lance Broadway alleged victim photos Ivan Pinney

Broadway told KTRK, “everything reported so far has been wrong.

For Broadway’s sake, let’s hope so.

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