A Virtual Tour of Tony Romo’s Brand New Abode

Dallas Cowboys QB and tabloid darling Tony Romo bought himself a new house recently, a 5,500-square foot job near Valley Ranch for a cool $699,000. (Apparently, he didn’t hear about this deal in Detroit.) And since the Internet is an all-knowing, all-seeing omnipotent force, we have ourselves some photos of the estate.

Tony Romo's new house, 1

(Outside the front door where, during parties, you’ll find T.O. sadly looking through the window at all the people having fun inside.)

A couple more photos after the jump:

Tony Romo's new house, 2

(The master bathroom, where apparently photographers can set up and wait for the “action” to happen.)

Tony Romo's new house, 4

(Jessica Simpson and her bikini are both noticably absent, meaning the two must be on the outs. Again. Tabloids, make sure to credit SbB for this latest unsubstantiated rumor!)

If you haven’t yet seen enough, head over to THE LANDRY HAT to check out some more angles of Casa Romo. But be careful - while there, you will also find one of the worst photo resizing jobs in history, one that will keep us from sleeping for the next 4-6 weeks. Of course, what we’re speaking of is the below elfish image of, according to their website, Gary Busey:

Scary Gary Busey

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to get to a mental hospital ASAP and try to delete that image from our frontal lobes.