Photos: Tiger’s Smashed SUV At The Crash Scene

WFTV in Orlando has exclusive photos of Tiger Woods‘ smashed up SUV at the crash scene outside his Isleworth home on Friday:

Tiger Woods SUV Crash Scene Photos Large

WFTV’s photos don’t include every angle of the car, but the pics do make you wonder why Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren needed to smash out the back window of the SUV with a golf club to allow him to escape the vehicle.

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports “Woods’ Escalade received $5,000 to $8,000 worth of damage to the front bumper and grille, according to FHP.” But the FHP did not comment on the supposed smashed-out back window. And why don’t any of these crime scene photos include a shot of the back of the vehicle?

Police reportedly attempted to interview Woods last night, but were told by Nordegren that Woods was sleeping - so they rescheduled an interview for today.

There’s still no word on where the vehicle is and when it will be available for public viewing. Also is the question of the 911 call - which police did confirm exists.

Liz Robbins of the NEW YORK TIMES reports:

Because the circumstances about the incident are still unclear, and the 911 tape will probably not be made public until next week, the interview on Saturday could determine whether there will be any charges resulting from the incident.

One thing we do know, there will be no charges filed regarding a domestic dispute, as confirmed by the Florida Highway Patrol this morning.

The question still remains why the FHP waited almost 12 hours to report anything to the public - after Woods had already been released from the hospital. Why do I get the feeling that authorities know a lot more about this case than they are letting on?

I never thought any of this could be funny, until I heard pro golfer Lee Janzen suggest that Woods at 2:30am might’ve been leaving the house “to go workout.