Photos: Tiger Staying At Unknown Secret Retreat reports, with numerous photos, that Tiger Woods is now staying at home that has gone previously unreported.

Tiger Woods previously unseen second home

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Tiger Woods owns two multi-million dollar homes on the Butler Chain of Lakes in Orlando, and we’re being told that the golf pro is staying at his second estate while Elin and the kids remain at their main house.

Both properties are within walking distance from the respective communities’ private golf courses, and Tiger is reportedly playing golf at night to ease the stress of his marital troubles. While the world is still waiting to catch their first glimpse of the famous athlete since his cheating scandal broke, it looks like he’s slowly but surely easing his way out of the house.

Tiger Woods Living In Second Previously Unseen Home

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I’m certainly not doubting the veracity of X17’s report, but it has been remarkable how Woods has been able to keep completely out of sight during this entire ordeal.

So how the hell has he done it?

From this map, you can see that Woods’ Isleworth estate is guarded by a front gate that does not allow unimpeded direct access to the home from the roadway.

Tiger Woods Map

Woods’ backyard is a small lake that has only one access point. That access point though is virtually impossible to get to by boat unless you have access to one of the homes lining the adjoining lake.

That doesn’t take into account the attitude of the folks who live in the area, who probably don’t appreciate media prowling around at all hours of the night.

So the home is the perfect location, at least within a planned development, for protection from the media. You could actually make a case that Woods has more protection in this setup than he would a large, stand-alone estate with no neighbors.

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