Photos: Shaq, Grant Hill Visit Sword Swingers

Arrgghh! Renaissance Faire fans at last weekend’s Men’s Luxury Toy Expo in Phoenix got a surprise visit from a few members of the Suns, led by Deputy Shaq who even took the time to handle one of the magic rods.

Shaq with Renaissance Faire groupies

While Phil Jackson was busy hitting on Michele Tafoya, the Suns took time out of their busy schedule to pay attention to grown men wearing medieval costumes. Grant Hill and Leandro Barbosa were also on hand to swing swords at pudgy white guys who were obviously in awe of million dollar athletes hitting them with toys.

Leandro swings sword at pudgy guy

As you can see, Barbosa uses a Brazilian medieval move he likely picked up while fighting off street thugs in his homeland. Phoenix fans can breathe easier knowing the often-injured Hill (at least wasn’t pictured) swinging a sword. Injuring a shoulder smacking around an armored guy would take some serious explaining.

Grant Hill poses with pudgy guys