Photos of SI.Com Reporter Chick Enjoying Post Game Drinking With Packers

SI.COM REPORTER PUTS UP PICS OF PARTYING W/PACKERS: Meet the new girl hoping to fill Jenn Sterger’s journalistic bra shoes - Brigid Mullen:

Brigid Mullen SI Brett Favre

The aspiring model-slash-women’s football player-slash sports reporter was on the scene for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED at Lambeau Field, working as a correspondent for a recent Packers game. During her stay in Green Bay, Mullen did a quick Q&A with QB Brett Favre for the sports site.

Brigid Mullen Press Pass

After the game, Brigid did a little investigative journalism on her own. And by “investigative journalism”, we mean “party with the players at a local bar”.

Brigid Mullen Packers bar

It was a proud moment for the young Wisconsin grad - so proud, that there’s plenty o’ more pics to see on her site:

Brigid Mullen Packers

We can’t remember the last time we saw snaps of Frank Deford doing post-game shots with Bart Starr.

But it’s not like SI just picked her’s face out of a crowd like some ABC cameraman. Mullen has contributed her share of in-depth reporting for the site.

Brigid Mullen swimsuit

Previously, Brigid did a hard-hitting piece on the trials and tribulations of being at Spring Break on South Padre Island. She followed that up with an expose on the travails of doing a swimsuit shoot for some non-SI calendar.

We smell Pulitzer!

No, wait. It’s the odor of some other crappy substance.