Photos of Dennis Northcutt’s Battered Girlfriend

We told you yesterday that Dennis Northcutt is being sued by a former girlfriend who says the Jacksonville Jaguars receiver told his cousin to beat her up because she was pregnant with Dennis’ kid.

Now thanks to the fine folks over at TMZ, we have shocking photos of the senseless smashing done to Sharri Henry’s sensational face. Witness the horror committed to the poor mug of Ms. Henry:

Sharri Henry Dennis Northcutt girlfriend

Think you can stomach more savagery? Check out the continuing carnage, if you dare:

Denise Northcutt Battered Girlfriend Photos

Gruesome, isn’t it?

That Dennis Northcutt is a monster. Poor Sharri will never be able to … um … do whatever she does ever again. What man would ever want such a poor disfigured waif now?

(Let it be known that we in no way condone violence toward women in any situation whatsoever. If Northcutt did actually orchestrate a beatdown on his pregnant girlfriend, he should be ashamed of himself, and the authorities should lock him up & throw away the key. And we’ll immediately drop him from our fantasy football roster.)