Photos Lead CFL Cheerleading Coach to Resign

On July 13th, THE BIG LEAD unearthed some tremendous photos of the Canadian Football League’s most photogenic ambassadors, the Winnipeg Blue Lightning. Within hours, the gallery of photos that featured members of the squad doing what cheerleaders do when they’re not standing on the side of a 110-yard football field cheering for guys who weren’t good enough to play in the NFL, quickly circulated through the Internet’s series of tubes.

CFL Cheerleaders

Days later, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers sat down with their PR team (which is probably just one person considering they are just a CFL team), got their message points down & spoke to the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS. Team spokesperson Arash Madani told the paper, “Each member puts in countless hours of training, volunteering, mentoring and making a positive impact in the community,” He added, “A small number of isolated photos from a member without any affiliation to the organization for quite some time is not a reflection of what the Blue Lightning team or the franchise is about.”

Now just over a week later we learn that the team’s coach, Dena Clark has resigned. Once again, blogs can be blamed for taking a job away from somebody.

The TORONTO GLOBE AND MAIL reports, “The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are looking for a new coach for the team’s cheerleading squad. Dena Clark, the head of the Blue Lightning dance team since 2003, resigned after saucy pictures of some of the CFL club’s cheerleaders appeared on the Internet.

According to an earlier report in the TORONTO SUN, Clark can be found somewhere in this photo, unless they are speaking of another photo of Dena “larking around on a hotel bed with other girls.” If another picture does exist, feel free to send it our way, you know for accuracy purposes.

CFL Cheerleaders2

The members of Blue Thunder are not happy to see their fearless leader go. In Monday’s WINNIPEG FREE PRESS an anonymous source said, “This wasn’t Dena’s fault.”

The only thing Dena is at fault for is creating a fun-filled loving atmosphere, where girls weren’t afraid to show their team spirit - or anything else, for that matter.