Photos Finally Furnished of Metrodome Sex Stars?

• We might finally have some faces to place on that amusing Metrodome bathroom stall sexcapade.

Lois Feldman Ross Walsh Metrodome sex couple

Allen Iverson, aren’t we forgetting to talk about practice?

• West Virginians are flushed with pride about their annual Commode Bowl.

• Golfer Billy Mayfair baked up a couple of astounding wedding cakes - one that cost $50,000, and one that looks like Homer Simpson.

• Starbury’s shine in the Big Apple is wearing thinner & thinner.

• A Canadian youth hockey coach is found not guilty of having sex orgies with his team. I’d hate to do the laundry after those practices.

• Former Stanford Standout Robin Lopez spends his NBA road trips sleeping with stuffed animals.

• Sports video game development has finally reached its pinnacle with Naked Babe Soccer.

• And the winner of today’s John Daly tree-sonous caption contest is…

John Daly underneath tree

Neil Everett Diamond, with this scatologically-sounding suggestion:

I wouldn’t go back there for a while. I just dropped a hell of a divot, if you know what I mean.

Thanks to everyone for chipping in. Now get back to work on devouring that turkey carcass. Only 4 more pounds to go!