Of Course! Hottie Baller Gets No Minutes In WNBA

Once again, we’re happy to discover another international female athlete who’s not afraid to show off their sexy side. In the tantalizing tradition of Natasha Hughes, Kristine Engeset & Victoria Pendleton, say g’day to Australian basketball babe Erin Phillips:

Erin Phillips Australian Hottie Basketball

RIGHTFIELDERS lays up news that Phillips, a member of the Aussie Women’s National Team, recently shot some provocative poses for Australian men’s magazine Alpha.

The results: We haven’t seen such a fine-looking national team member since Bolivia’s Claudia Porras. But along with the looks, Erin is also the type of athlete not afraid to mince words (with more pics after the jump).

Erin Phillips Australian basketball player

In fact, in the Alpha article, Phillips verbalized a little warning to the Olympic competition Australia will face this summer in Beijing:

“We’re not going to be team USA’s little bitch. The World Champs definitely put us at the top, and other teams are respecting us a lot more. If I was the USA or Russia, I’d be worried.”

Erin Phillips Australian basketball player

Wow, sexy and sassy! Too bad she’s not in the WNBA.

Oh, wait - it looks like she was. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Erin did much, if you were to believe the league’s official player profile. With a body and look like that, we don’t care if her game resembles that of a 11-year-old Honduran schoolgirl, she needs to be in the league.

Then again, we are talking about the WNBA, which explains everything.

(H/T to BIG DAN’S BLOG for some of the photos.)