Photos: Brady’s Gisele Is Lacking Pass Protection

Here’s some photos of Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen at a party in Paris Thursday night:

Gisele Bundchen Mystery Man Revealed

The pics have somewhat understandably sent some folks into a tizzy, but a few seconds of sleuthing revealed at least one of the two men photo’d for encroachment.

The pasty guy on the bottom and upper right of the top photo is Helly Nahmad. From the 2006 LONDON EVENING STANDARD:

The penthouse millionaire of Carlton Gardens, Helly Nahmad, 29, is the charming and youthful heir to the international art-dealing fortune of the Nahmad brothers, Joseph, David and Ezra (Helly’s father).

Based in Mayfair, Monte Carlo and New York, the Nahmads are a Jewish Lebanese/Syrian bank and currency-dealing family who effortlessly turned their skills to dealing in 20th-century European art.

Now Helly, who attended auctions from the age of four, stands to inherit.

Those genealogical lottery numbers you were wondering about on the drive home tonight? We have our winner. Thanks for playing.

Here’s Nahmad with Bundchen at the 2006 U.S. Open:

Gisele Bundchen Mystery Man Revealed

(Did dolphin teeth close the deal?)

And two more recent shots of the pair together:

Gisele Bundchen Mystery Man Revealed

A least one media outlet has characterized Bundchen and Nahmad’s relationship as strictly platonic “friends”. From the BOSTON GLOBE:

While her husband, Tom Brady, is busy prepping for the Dolphins, Gisele Bundchen and the couple’s son, Ben, are in Paris, where the supermodel helped Vogue celebrate its 90th anniversary.

TMZ posted a provocative pic that makes it look like Gi might be masquerading with another man, but we’re told it’s art dealer Helly Nahmad, a friend of Bundchen’s and the ex of Brazilian supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros.

Does that background then make it unreasonable to surmise from the top photos that “Gi” and Nahmad are more than just “friends”? After all, for all we know Nahmad merely gave Gisele a peck on the cheek as a greeting in the Paris shots. With no context, it’s impossible to know the nature of the exchange.

Though it is undeniably curious to see Nahmad and Brady’s Brazilian wife in such a suggestive position considering Nahmad once dated another Brazilian supermodel in Barros.

Meanwhile, I regret to report that I’m not completely certain who the other discreet gentleman in the top photo is. (Top-left.)

Though heir to a family ointment empire would be the logical guess.

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