Photo: Texas Tech Shed Where Leach Sent James

This morning I was emailed a photo of the now-infamous equipment shed where Adam James was banished during practice by Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Texas Tech 'Shed' Where Mike Leach Banished Adam James

From Joe Schad:

A source close to the family said James sustained a concussion on Dec. 16, was examined on Dec. 17 and told not to practice because of the concussion and an elevated heart rate. The source said Leach called a trainer and directed him to move James “to the darkest place, to clean out the equipment and to make sure that he could not sit or lean. He was confined for three hours.”

Leach did not dispute the accusation, which was made by Adam and his father, ESPN announcer Craig James, in a complaint to Tech’s athletic department and university officials.

That shed may well cost Leach $800,000 in as little as three days.