Photo: Michelle Beadle’s Bull Riding Old Boyfriend

A recurring question from emailers is the dating status of ESPN’s Michelle Beadle. I confess to not caring, but a quick search did turn up this delightful photo of her and former pro bull rider Justin McBride in 2003:

Michelle Beadle Boyfriend Photo Justin McBride Photo

The pic, taken in early 2003, is from a post about McBride on a site called Excerpt:

Hes one of the nicest of the young guns of the PBR; but forget it girls. Justin, as you can see in this picture, is spoken for .His girlfriend is the vivacious Michelle Beadle, former PBR commentator; and they sure make a great looking couple.

Both have since moved on. McBride to a wife and country music singing career and Beadle to ESPN’s SportsNation.

Speaking of Beadle’s past, she once hosted a TV dating show which matched mates based on their packing habits.

Here’s a clip from the 2004 show, called Get Packing, featuring two … wait for it … pro bull riders:

Complete coincidence.

Most recently, ESPN’s SportsNation show continues to do stellar ratings and Beadle’s star is on the rise at the network. As for sparks between between Beadle and co-host Colin Cowherd, forget it.

Cowherd, who divorced his first wife in 2007, got engaged two months ago to a woman named, “Ann.”

Though assuming Beadle would shoot down any dude called Cowherd.