Photo: Manute Bol Taking A Short Starbucks Stroll

HEADS UP! Here comes a 7-ft-7, 200-pounder from Sudan on an afternoon stroll in Some Town, America. A random photographer recently captured this classic moment in the life of legendary NBA baller Manute Bol.

Manute Bol Starbucks Run?

Bol sports a leather coat that is at least 5′-5″, while his intimidating frame seems to have caught the attention of at least one street gawker. It’s amazing how Bol, who lives in Kansas, can bust a move down a street and not be swarmed by throngs of adoring fans.

The Sudanese Swatmaster, so broke he doesn’t have to worry about an entourage, told the CANADIAN NATIONAL POST last month, “I mean you get the money, but you cannot buy people, you know, I have to support my people.”

Manute gave away nearly all of his money to the people of Sudan and now lives off his NBA pension. “I have to support my people,” he explains. “It is the one thing I can do: love and support our people.”