Photo: Cecil Newton Attended The BCS Title Game

Before Monday night’s BCS Championship Game in Arizona, Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs assured the media that Cecil Newton, father of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, would not be in attendance at the game.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

But contrary to Jacobs’ claim, Newton was at the game and was photographed embracing his son after the Tigers defeated Oregon 22-19.

The picture was taken by OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS photographer Vanda Hunt:

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

Prior to the father-son hug, Cam Newton was seen searching for his father in the stands.

Brett McMurphy of AOL FANHOUSE also got confirmation from Auburn player Ryan Pugh that the elder Newton was at the game:

Meanwhile over in the east stands, Newton waved up into the stands. He then climbed over the short wall and headed into the stands. He went past the “Eat More Duck” sign and continued a few rows until he found his father, Cecil. Cam — the Heisman Trophy winner — then celebrated with the man who the NCAA determined had shopped his son to Mississippi State for $180,000.

Auburn center Ryan Pugh, who was down on the field conducting interviews, glanced over and saw the Newton’s exchanging a bear hug.

I wish I was up there with Cam and his dad,” Pugh said.

And there’s this from Thayer Evans of and Pugh:

“Who’s knows what went on or what happened?” said Auburn center Ryan Pugh, who witnessed the embrace. “But at the end of the day, that’s Cam’s father.”Had Auburn AD Jacobs not mentioned Cecil Newton’s status for the game, father Newton’s attendance would not be newsworthy.

Now, with the indisputable disconnect between the Auburn athletic dept. and Cecil Newton, it isn’t unreasonable to wonder what else Auburn doesn’t know about.

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