Video: Bullfighter Gored In Neck, Through Mouth

Somehow not out of a horror movie, TeleMadrid, via Rick Chandler’s Out of Bounds has gruesome video and photos of bullfighter Julio Aparicio being gored yesterday in Spain.

Juan Aparicio Gored In Neck And Through The Mouth Video Photos

Aparicio is still alive. Via web translation, TeleMadrid has the latest on his condition.

The right-hander Julio Aparicio has been transferred from the operating room of the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas to hospital October 12, where he will continue the operation she has undergone in the infirmary after being gored in the neck that has caused him injury very serious.

Aparicio lost his footing at a time of slaughter as a crutch, and trying to get up, the bull was after him, hitting him squarely in the neck, sticking above the spout and piercing nut and out the mouth.

The right-hander began to bleed profusely from his mouth as he was led by members of his gang to the infirmary, which is operated by the medical team that goes Maximo Garcia Padrós.

According to the first part facilitated by Dr. Maximo Garcia Padrós, Aparicio suffers a wound “in submandilar region with an upward trajectory that enters the oral cavity, tongue and reaches across the palate, leading to fracture of the upper jaw.”

The prognosis of the wounded, has been movement in an ambulance escorted by several municipal staff, is “very serious.” The hospital will undergo a scan to assess the extent of the fracture of the jaw.

If Aparicio survives, it appears the force of the bull pushing him backwards saved his life. When Aparicio was bowled over, the horn of the animal slipped out of his neck.

Forgive me, but watching Aparicio stagger off invoked visions of Gene Simmons from a late ’70s KISS concert.

While we’re all rooting for Aparicio to survive, can’t say the same for KISS.