Suns Plan To Take Game To The Great Outdoors

Who would’ve though the NBA would be taking a cue from the NHL? But the Suns were apparently impressed with the Sabres-Penguins ‘Winter Classic’, and now the Phoenix franchise wants to go outside to play.

Old basketball hoop

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that the team is working to hold a game next preseason at a tennis stadium in California. The 16,000-seat Indian Wells Tennis Garden has been described as a “roof-less NBA arena“, complete with loge seating and - most importantly - luxury suites.

Suns co-owner Dick Heckmann says he got the idea from a local parks manager, and passed the suggestion along to Suns president Rick Welts. And the prez seems all for it, declaring, “It’s going to be incredibly cool.”

We’re guessing they won’t be inviting the Timberwolves to take part.