Phoenix Coyotes Unveil Snowman Puppet As Part of PR Campaign

PHOENIX PINNING HOPES ON PUPPET FOR ON-ICE SUCCESS: What better way to celebrate the start of a new NHL season than with a puppet show.

Wayne Gretzky puppets hockey

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports on the new PR blitz from the Phoenix Coyotes in an effort to get more fannies in the seats at the Arena.

With the Diamondbacks in the playoffs, the Arizona State Sun Devils making progress on the gridiron, and the Cardinals finally doing something - the Coyotes currently face a saturated sports landscape.

The campaign, under the banner of “The Puck Stops Here“, is hoping to grab the attention of sports fans in the Valley of The Sun by unleashing all sorts of gimmicks. Face-offs were staged all over downtown Phoenix. A car was pelted by flying pucks. And billboards, billboards, billboards!

Pierre snowman puppet Coyotes

Best of all is the introduction of Pierre, a French Canadian snowman puppet with a black eye and missing front teeth, who’s dying to hit the ice for the Coyotes. The maniacal muppet will be featured in commercials and ad spots for the Arizona ice squad.

Sacre bleu! Frosty, he ain’t.