Philly Reacts To Vick: Um, They’re Not Real Happy

Michael Vick was “presented” to Philadelphia fans at an Eagles press conference earlier today, as if there was any man in America right now less in need of an introduction. And I hope that Andy Reid didn’t try to open with a joke. “Hey, your momma’s so fat, when she stepped on the dog’s tail we had to change it’s name to Beaver. Thanks everybody! Enjoy the Snausages!” Nah, this is no laughing matter.

How are Eagles fans taking this? To paraphrase the great W.C. Fields, on the whole they would rather he not be in Philadelphia. Vick addressed the masses and hit all the right notes, said all the right things. But that changes nothing. While media types are more or less split on his arrival in the Rebel Capital, Joe Twelve-Pack is not having any of it. Eagles fans, and the local folks in general, are, as they say, royally pissed.

From Chickie’s & Pete’s Cafe to Drexel Hill, this pot is just about ready to boil over. It was Skip Bayless, of all people, who probably said it best: “This is a fan base that drinks gasoline to begin with. And you’re going to throw this match on there?

Excerpts from Vick’s statement at today’s presser:

“It was a point in my life before I was even convicted or before the allegations even came out that I knew it was wrong and I felt it was wrong,” Vick said. “Just when I was trying to turn the corner, it was too late. Everything happens for a reason. There’s a reason I was sent to Kansas, a reason I was convicted. I was conscious of that fact. To this day, I have to deal with that shame and embarrassment.

“We all used the excuse that it was part of our culture. I don’t think that is an excuse. I was abiding by that rule at the time. When I went to prison, I had plenty of time to think about what I did. Saw people’s reaction … Now I understand people care about their animals, their health, their welfare, the protections of their animals. Now I do.”

And now, a modest rebuttal. Reaction to Vick’s words from the comments section of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS:

Disgusting. I don’t love the NFL more than my dog. I can assure you that your dog loves you more than the NFL. Time for you to decide where you stand. If you put $1 into the NFL, Michael Vick gets paid. How many times did he say “If I’m helping more animals than I hurt, then I’m contributing.” Huh? It’s not a preponderance of merit. If I help more children than I molest, then I’m a productive member of society. Does that sound right to you? If the NFL customer base stood up against this, it would not stand. — richardhuntershow

I wonder when they will put up a memorial at Michael Vick’s House: Dog Auschwitz. — Barbara Moss

you already have disappointed. In fact, you’d still be dogfighting and lying about it if your cousin didnt get busted for pot — tch43

It sickens me that Mike Vick will be making millions while other hardworking, honest, MORAL people can’t even find minimum wage jobs or afford healthcare. — Jarchy

Michael Vick deserves a second chance in society [barely] but he doesn’t deserve a second chance to be a millionaire athlete. I now consider myself a rabid fan of whoever is playing the Eagles each week. Go Cowboys!! — bimmler

The arrogance of this organization to not care what the fanbase thinks yet again is incredible! Reid should check out all the polls on every news site in this city, the majority of the people quite clearly do NOT want him here. I have to admit, I was a blind loyalist in the past but this is the proverbial last straw. Lurie should be ashamed of himself for signing off on this… — Beagle29

philadelphia loves comebacks and underdogs … — Phillyguy

From the comments section of THE 700 LEVEL:

Tyree, I hope those guys that killed the 22 yr old in the Phillies parking lot get life in prison. They won’t- because of apologists like you.


Best Actor VICK
Best Supporting Actor DUNGY
Runner Up REID (Sorry Andy once again u lose the big one)

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