Philly Loses, But Brian Westbrook Just Hit Jackpot

Okay, so today wasn’t the best day for the Eagles. Sure, Kevin Kolb was surprisingly decent in relief of Donovan McNabb - up until giving up a 97 yard TAINT to Darren Sharper to finish the game -going 31-51 for 391 yards and 2 TDs. But Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the NFL right now, and he absolutely scorched the Eagles defense, rendering all offensive effort wasted for Philly. And though Brian Westbrook had a pedestrian 64 yards from scrimmage, he is eligible to take home one hell of a prize.

Cougars Love Brian Westbrook
(Image courtesy of THE 700 LEVEL. Rowr.)

HELLO! The woman holding the sign seems a little ehh, but on the right? Thumbs up indeed, ma’am, and if you’ve also got a thing for bloggers with receding hairlines… call me.

As for the rest of the early games, the NFL is weird.

Case in point #1: Jamarcus Russell, 7-24 passer, -3 yard rusher, and winning quarterback. Russell “led” the Raiders to a 13-10 win at Kansas City, meaning Arrowhead Stadium cannot legally be called a tough place to play anymore. Four of Russell’s seven completions came on the final drive, meaning he was 3-17 late in the fourth quarter and still didn’t get benched, making us wonder just what the hell it takes in this league anymore.

Case in point #2:
Tom Brady looked. like. ass. He logged 216 yards passing, which seems okay, but they came on 47 attempts and included zero touchdowns. Both of those are not okay. Whether it’s rust or whatever, that’s up for the Patriots to (decline to) elaborate upon, but Brady wasn’t stepping into throws and looked off. Did he miss Wes Welker? Probably. Either way, the final from the Meadowlands was 16-9, Jets, and the AFC East is officially up for grabs.

Case in point #3: Chris Johnson broke three big TDs and his team still lost. Johnson came within about 50 yards of the NFL all-time record for yards from scrimmage (334 yards, Flipper Anderson, 1989… like you didn’t already know that), but the Tennessee defense got absolutely carved up by Matt Schaub and his receiving corps.

So, if you’re picking games straight up and figured the Patriots would beat the Jets, the Raiders couldn’t win on the road, the Packers would beat the Bengals at Lambeau, or that Tennessee would defend their home field … you, sir, just had a very bad day.