Philly Fans Foightin’ ‘Round The World (w/ Video)

Okay, we need to say right off the bat that the above headline technically isn’t right, nor did we ever think it was right. Philadelphia fans at least have the common sense to stay in their own city to rain blows down on each other. But it’s been years since we’ve seen Russell Crowe foightin’ ’round the world, and we kind of miss it. Anyhoo.

Russell Crowe FOIGHT
(”‘Ey! I’m ‘ere with me friend Tugger, and we’re ready to foight!“)

Fans in Philadelphia have most justifiably earned a reputation for loutish behavior, a tradition that goes back for decades. But usually it’s directed at outsiders, like Santa Claus. “Go back to the North Pole, you fat [expletive deleted]!” But fighting each other? Well, that’s new. They’re… they’re evolving. Or devolving, one of the two. Watch the face-mashing after the break.


“Just a baseball game”? Sir, we don’t know how you do things up in “Canadia” or whatever you call that backwards, no-running-water expanse of land up there, but here in America, we do punching. A lot. We don’t always need an excuse, but when we feel like having one, even something as trivial as baseball will do.

Also, big ups to the women for getting involved. “Excuse me, ma’am, but your husband just punched my boyfriend.” “Oh, is that so? Please, accept a mouthful of my fist as an apology.” “Apology declined, and this is where I rip your hair out.”

And yes, this is during a loss for the Phillies, but it’s not like we’re talking about a beat-down, frustrated fan base here; they just won the World Series last year. They’re the reigning champions!

But, I suppose, what’s the real mark of a champion? Foightin‘.