Blog-O-Rama: Eisen-Loving Anchor Punches Cop

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS scores a knockout, as the female Philly anchor who was once caught flirting with Rich Eisen has been found fighting with the fuzz:

Rich Eisen Alycia Lane

• 100% INJURY RATE isn’t buying what MMA fighters are selling in their foreign-made commercials.• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT isn’t taking the bait, as they don’t want to get reeled into playing fantasy fishing.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED gets in the holiday spirit by offering this classic one-on-one encounter between His Airness and jolly ol’ St. Nick:

• WITH LEATHER can’t wait to see some good football in Miami for once - in a flag-football game featuring Dan Marino.• PYLE OF LIST wants your votes in electing members to their Sports Movie Hall of Fame.