Phillies Fans, And Darwin, Celebrate NLCS Victory

The Philadelphia police actually spent all day Wednesday lubricating light poles and trees so that no one would climb them if the Phillies beat the Dodgers that night in Game 5 of the NLCS. So what did smart and resourceful Philadelphians do when their team won to clinch a trip to the World Series? Climbed on top of taxis, of course.

One problem: Taxis eventually move. As this beer-toting genius discovered, and we see via split screen on live TV. Oh man, that was a rough landing, as we see in the video. I’m not sure he’s gonna live. Poor, stupid Phillies fan.

Video following the jump, plus more celebration antics.

THE 700 LEVEL, where I found this video, via DEADSPIN (check out the kid enjoying his first wilding), really thinks that Vaseline missed a great promotional opportunity by not sponsoring the Philadelphia pole greasing. And I have to agree.

Meanwhile, a fan climbed a tree somewhere downtown, and was promptly shot several times with a roman candle, as seen below. Video here.

Red October

Another great video here of a fan on top of a traffic light being pelted with cups of beer. And look, here’s Sarge enjoying the victory with a National League Champions hat. Garry Matthews, folks.

Garry Matthews

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