Phillies Fan KO’ed With Single Punch At Citi Field

Maybe they’ve technically been playing baseball there for a month, but Citi Field finally opened officially last night. Remember, it’s not officially Spring until the first Phillies fan gets knocked out with an overhand right.

Mets Phillies fans fight

This is the second one-punch knockout we’ve featured this week, which just goes to show you the Northeast has cornered the market on boozing meatheads. And there’s something in this video for you even if you’re not a fan of either team: the two fanbases are slowly removing themselves from the gene pool, drunken brawl by drunken brawl.

Video (with NSFW language) after the jump.

It’s hard to tell what happens, since NASA still can’t invent a decent cell phone camera. But in the midst of a verbal argument, an uninvolved Mets fan slaps the helmet off the head of the Phillies fan. He then promptly hides behind his enormous friend, which makes me think that he trained at the same dojo I did.

Phillies fan, after a few beers that made him think it might be a good idea to start a beef surrounded by 40,000 mortal enemies, goes around the big dude to have a polite yet impassioned discussion on the merits of Chan Ho Park vs. Jon Niese as the fifth starter.

Mets fan answers with his fist, the force of which must have sent off a shockwave that made the cameraman unable to keep his phone trained on the fight. but from the sounds of things, Phillies fan isn’t getting up.

The smell of cut grass, the crack of the bat, and the blood of NL east rivals flowing through the streets. It’s baseball season!