Philippine Army Shuts Down for Pacquiao Fight

We’re not suggesting the Philippines loves their macho celebrities, but we’ve just discovered that it’s not enough that all crime will cease in Manila when Philippines native Manny Pacquiao fights Oscar de la Hoya in Vegas tonight.  The Philippine Army itself will shut down all offensives against rebels, Islamic militants, and gangs for the duration of the fight.

Manny Pacquiao

(Lover, fighter, punching bag for post-prime boxers)

They’ll also set up viewing areas for all their soldiers at each encampment and base. And not just for the Philippines Army! A contingent of soldiers from across Asia participating in a marksmanship competition will put down their rifles long enough to cheer together for their Asian icon against the Mexican-American fight promoter and occasional boxer.

Boxing: bringing people together in peace through brute violence since 1887.

Don’t you worry, though; the army has thought of everything. “Our guns should be on our sides because some groups might take advantage,” stated an army spokesman. Also, it will give them something to fire off in excitement should Master Sergeant Pacquiao (no, really) pull off the upset.